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Mick Say, What’s Next Event Speaker

Posted in What's Next Event by Mick Say on January 17, 2012

Mick Say - What's Next Event SpeakerMick Say – Online Marketing Academy: Mick Say has two passions in life: business and technology. He’s been tinkering with techy things since Bill Gates was a lad, and he’s notched up over 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Today, through The Online Marketing Academy, Mick is using both his passions to help clients dominate their business category online.

With a fully immersive programme of training, support and resources, the Academy gives clients every advantage that the web can bring. That ranges from increased exposure and customer acquisition to brand loyalty, retention, referrals and customer lifetime value. Read More


Connect Me

Posted in Social Networks by Mick Say on January 14, 2012

Connect.Me mission: make the social web a better place for real people.
With over 1 billion people online, finding people you can trust has become a real problem. That’s where Connect.Me comes in. Connect.me is developing powerful ways for people to discover trusted people in your extended networks and across the social web.

Connect.Me turns your existing social networks into your personal reputation network.
You can also control your online identity and reputation with your very own social business card. Unlike other tools, Connect.Me uses peer-to-peer vouching to build your reputation instead of algorithms to calculate influence.

You can find my connect.me profile here > Mick Say’s Connect.me profile and you can create your free Connect.me account.

Waking up, feeling good.

Posted in Mick Say Ramblings by Mick Say on September 28, 2011

20110928-064045.jpg With less than 3 hours sleep last night following a long day which ended with the gang on #EavChat followed by completing a proposal I am finally waking up with a little help from my Costa Flat White and Classic Elton John.

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Wednesday 28 September

Posted in Diary by Mick Say on September 28, 2011

Flat White in the cup holder, Motown on the radio, wife Mel at the wheel, it’s 06:25 and we’re rocking our way to London.

Our destination is only 75 miles as the crow flies but we are at the mercy of the M25 motorway, when its good we can do the trip in 1.1/2 hours.

I am spending the day with my client @Supermodel_hair

OK sports fans more later…..

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Monday 26th September

Posted in Diary by Mick Say on September 26, 2011

Enroute to london for client meetings toady. Mornings are darker as summer is drawing to a close.

Wembley first stop then into Soho and back to West London.

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Those good old corporate days!

Posted in Mick Say Ramblings by Mick Say on September 22, 2011

Well it’s 5:17AM GMT and already we are a few miles into our journey. Glad Mel is driving as I have not slept since 5AM yesterday. Twenty four hours straight with no bed in sight for a another 18 hours minimum.

Will I make #EavChat tonight at 12 Midnight GMT who knows? Not if I have any sense.

I remember the days in corporate life when 12 hour days were the norm, little did I know then that 12 hours was a luxury. Owning and running your own young but growing business requires more than just knowledge, it requires steely determination and a will to win that helps you fight through fatigue to get the job done.

This long day and story reminds me of listening to a millionaire roofing contractor speaking about his life. Can’t remember his name unfortunately, but he said something like.

“I only work half a day 5 days per week, and being the boss, I get to choose which 12 hours I work!

Wish I could remember the accurate quote and the guy’s name.

Well I did say that this blog was for my ramblings….

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Living the Dream

Posted in Mick Say Ramblings by Mick Say on September 8, 2011

I spend a fair amount of time in London and travel in and out by car at least once per week, this is a two hour each way journey which I am lucky enough to do with my wife as she does this commute every day.

So I get to be a passenger during the four hour round trip. This gives me quality time to catch up on my social media activity and and notice stuff which is going on around us in the world we are driving through. As well as spend precious time with my wife.

At first thought this commute is a crass waist of my time, but then it gets me out of the office which is cool and as an added bonus the many sights, sounds and other stimuli give me a different outlook from which to form ideas and plans.

I feel so lucky that I have been blessed with the ability think, feel and express my thoughts, and also feel great gratitude to the paying clients that make living my dream life a reality.

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Thursday 8th September 2011

Posted in Diary by Mick Say on September 8, 2011

Heading into London for meetings including Ecademy Boardroom team, and two Client meetings.

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Hello and welcome to my daily ramblings

Posted in Mick Say Ramblings by Mick Say on September 8, 2011

Mick Say Online Business DevelopmentMick Say is an Online Business Development Consultant at the Online Marketing Academy. The Online Marketing Academy provides online business development consultative services, resources and training for businesses in the UK, including website and ecommerce development.

What ever you are doing today – Make it a great day. oh, and Follow me on Twitter @MickSay

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