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Posted in Diary by Mick Say on October 9, 2012

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Make smarter online video ad buys and view channel statistics on the widest range of online videos.

OpenSlate released findings about the top 1000 YouTube Channels; measuring top channels metrics around Engagement, Consistency and Influence and ranks who the top are by category.

The findings show that in 30 days the top 1000 channels produce 30,000 videos – totaling 173 days of viewing time- that generate roughly 11.3 billion views.

The study also looked at the Top 1000’s social engagement, and found that the average Top 1000 channel generates 44,000 social interactions on Facebook each week.

As the Infographic illustrates, music and gaming dominate the ranks of popular channels on YouTube, accounting collectively for 45% of the 1,000 most-viewed. Comedy (14%), entertainment (13%), and How-to & Style (7%) round out the top five categories.

The top 1,000 channels generate an average of $23,000 each month from YouTube ads alone. That’s not including the many sponsorships and product endorsements channel managers sign themselves.


By Open Slate. http://bit.ly/QQdfjc

See on www.openslatestudios.com


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