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Can You Gamify Content Curation? New Startup Woisio Thinks So | GigaOM

Posted in Diary by Mick Say on October 1, 2012

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Excerpted from article on GigaOM:

“Many video curation startups do away with the old-fashioned programming guide to help users find TV shows and online clips. Turkey-based Woisio, which launching its private beta Monday, takes a little bit of a different approach: it keeps the guide – but gets rid of the programmers. Woisio wants to instead use game mechanics and collaborative filtering to compile a new set of channels, and in turn get rid of the traditional middlemen.


Here’s how Woisio works: The platform offers viewers a number of different channels, called stages, including comedy, style , music, politics and so on. Each of these channels is programmed to show clips at a certain time, but users can skip forward or go back and catch up on past programming.


Videos can be up- and downvoted, much like stories on Reddit.

The votes translate to a virtual currency, which the publisher of a video can then use to bid on future air time for other clips. The basic idea behind this: Publishers get rewarded for popular content, and programming becomes a bit of a marketplace. Think virtual stock exchange, but for content curation…”


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Check out it, read more and request an invite here:



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